Meet the Manager
Peter Harradine, CAM PMP Vice President
Peter Harradine is the Vice President for Harman Property Management Group where he oversees all day-to-day operations of the business. Peter credits his success to great mentors, his faith In God, and showing up and working hard.
Peter immigrated to the US from England looking for the American dream. That dream brought him to Utah where he studied Business at Utah Valley University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. While he was attending college Peter was introduced to property management in 2005 where he accepted a job working for his father-in-law’s property management company. He worked there doing property maintenance to help pay his way through school. When he graduated college in 2006 a position opened up in the family business as a property manager and Peter decided to give it a shot. He earned his real estate license in 2007 and worked at both Property management and sales. Peter found that his true passion was in property management and he gravitated to that side of the business where he has excelled and shown great leadership.

Peter has been involved in the successful negotiation, acquisition, and management of a number of company-owned and operated multifamily properties.  Over the last few years he has led and managed his company through some rapid growth which has seen a 19% year over year growth rate for 2016 and a steady annual growth rate of 10% for the preceding six years. In 2012 Peter formulated a business plan to offer property management services to clients and he founded a fee service arm of the business offering full service property management.  This has been very successful and under Peter’s leadership has garnered a stellar reputation for being one of the most capable and experienced property management companies in the area specializing in the shadow market and multifamily properties of less than 50 units. Peter has been successful at boosting his company’s image and reputation as a leading property management service provider.

He has earned the Certified Apartment Manager designation from the National Apartment Association and is a graduate of both the Utah Apartment Association and the National Apartment Associations’ Leadership Lyceum classes. He has earned his Excellence in Real Estate award for the last five consecutive years from the Utah Central Association of Realtors, and is a certified Property Management Professional from the Utah Association of Realtors. He has be recognized and awarded with the Certified Apartment Manager of the Year award by the Utah Apartment Association and also received their award for Best Overall Renovation for a major property renovation he oversaw and managed in Provo City’s downtown business district.

Peter sees the value in giving back and currently serves as Chairman of the Board for the Utah Apartment Association and has served as a member of its Board of Directors since 2009. Peter has also served on a number of committees with the National Apartment Association and is currently serving on the Independent Rental Owners Committee and the Global Outreach Committee.