Apartments Work
Strong Communities
"In communities across the country, apartments work - helping people live in a home that's right for them. whether it's young professionals starting out, empty nesters looking to down size and simplify, workers wanting to live near their jobs, married couples without children or families building a better life, apartment homes provide a sensible choice to meet their specific housing needs. 

Apartment homes and their 35 million residents contribute $1.1 Trillion annually to the economy. That's more than 25 million jobs in construction, operations, leasing, management, and skilled trades, as well as all the local businesses supported by apartments and the millions who live there.
And demand for apartments continues to grow. With 77 million baby boomers who may consider downsizing and nearly 80 million Echo Boomers beginning to enter the housing market, it's no surprise the Harvard university research suggests that up to seven million new renter households will form this decade". (NAA, NMHC)

Apartments and rental homes are a very important part of our housing industry, this growing segment appeals to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. At Harman Property Management Group we take our roll seriously, and work with our clients in meeting todays needs in providing quality affordable rental housing.